Where Have I Been?

Today I opened up my browser and decided to clean up my bookmarks and organize my digital life a little. I clicked on the little icons to see what each one was, then suddenly I clicked the little orange "B" and remembered that I used to blog... WHOA! Where has life gone! 2013 doesn't seem like 2 years ago... I didn't realize my life was going by so fast that I didn't even take a second to share it on my "website". What a FAIL!

I am not really sure how to pick back up on here... Do I just go on like I never left? Do I try to recap what has happened over the past couple years? Do I just delete this and start over? Do I just leave this little space here to die alone? I don't know what to do... So I am going to do a little bit of the same old thing with some recaps of the past. I have been posting a million things on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but haven't showed it here so I will post some oldies for me but newbies for you.

I am excited to revisit this place and maybe find something new for myself. Hopefully fall in love with blogging again.

Santa Monica Summer Trip 2013

We had a blast :)
The weather was perfect and as you can tell the smiles just wouldn't stop!

Unique & Affordable Phone Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Noah & I's phone renewal is coming up and I cannot wait!!
We are planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S4, so of course I am already shopping for sweet cases to protect it. Last night while hunting on eBay and Etsy I found so many awesome cases I had to share! Check out the cuteness!

I was so pumped to find such a variety of cases because normally all the cases I want they only make for iPhone :( nothing against iPhone but it's no fun to see an adorable case that doesn't fit your own phone. I pinned a MILLION super cute pieces over on Pinterest on my Sweet Samsung Cases Board! So for those Samsung girls and guys out there be sure and check it out! I was sure to link each adorable phone case or cover to it's home site so we can buy them ALL!!
Hope you find so new style for your S4 :)
I am also thinking of some fun DIY phone cases (if you know me well you know I can't not have a custom SPARKLY phone case of my own) so stay tuned for that!
I am dying to get mine!!!!

DIY Geometric or Stripe Statement Wall, Let's Get Wild!

I am going to start this post by saying I FREAKING LOVE PINTEREST!!!!!
Ok, I can start now :) I recently discovered an AHmazing blog through Pinterest. I have been on this woman's blog nonstop for the past week! The blog is called Gorgeous Shiny Things by Danika Herrick, and I must say she is fantastic!! She is my long lost sister, it is so weird when you find someone online that has the same thoughts as you, not to mention the same style!! Anyway I will stop fangirling over her... :)
Go check out here blog, she is ridiculously talented!!
Her blog has jump started my energy for working on the house, I was getting discouraged and frustrated, struggling to finish a project. But since checking out her blog a week ago I have finished 3 projects off my list!! Woop Woop! She changes her house all the time, nothing is permanent and it gave me the comfort that if I don't like what I do I can change it. Our lives and style is everchanging so I should expect that to reflect in my home. Not only did this blog get me working it gave me so many ideas I plan to do in my own house! Check out my plan :)
Living Room Project
DIY Striped Ceiling
 She did her kitchen so great and the ceiling is just frosting on the cake! So elegant and interesting. I decided I needed some fun like this in my life! So the plan is to do the living room ceiling just like this, except make the stripes a little wider.
 After brewing over this a couple days I thought wait a minute... how am I going to actually do this? I suck at putting tape up on the wall straight, what am I thinking? Are you crazy girl? I chilled out from my mini-panic attack and got to Googling. I found a great tutorial on how to stripe your ceiling over at Googiemamma blog.
She has great pictures and good tips :)
Dining Room Project
DIY Geometric Wall
In her always-changing office, at one point she had this awesome geo pattern painted on her wall, I must say it is so cool! I have really been drooling over those 3D wall panels since seeing them on Kara Paslay Designs Blog. But the price for them is just too much for the size wall I want to do. I have been looking to find a cheap alternative that looks super duper cool.
I really think Danika's wall has a great 3D aspect to it but doesn't break the bank!
My plan is to do my main dining room wall in this same pattern but in gray & black monotone colors, to match the counters & cabinets we plan to update.  Luckily she explains with great detail the best techniques to complete this project and so be sure and check out this post!
Tutorial HERE!
My plan was to start working this Saturday but the family will be in town so it will have to wait. Who knows? Maybe I will get antsy and want to do it after work :) I am so excited to get house all glammed up! Wish me luck!

A moment of realization at the kitchen sink.

While painting my living room this past weekend I was jamming out to Pandora and fell upon a beautiful song, India Arie's "There's Hope". I was washing my paint brushes in the kitchen and she sang "He said, what's it like in the USA, and all I did was complain, He said - livin' here is paradise, He taught me paradise is in your mind, You know that". When I heard that the phrase just rang through my mind, the light bulb came flickering on. This made me think no matter where I go, where I work, who I am with, I will always have the same mind, things aren't going to change if I move some place different, I am not going to find happiness some place else, the only place happiness or paradise can be found is within my own mind.
After the song finished I stood by the sink, my mind spinning, thinking of all the times I had been mean or hurtful because I thought things weren't right, how all I wanted was to be someplace else and how selfish that was. I realized that happiness is MY choice, which means to me that I am no longer going to be petty. I am no longer going to fume over the dirty dishes in the sink, the pile of clothes in the bedroom, the recycle overflowing, why sacrifice my paradise for these trivial things? Why be filled with frustration at my husband? Those things just aren't important.
 I married the man of my DREAMS, LITERALLY! Many many years ago I prayed the most important prayer of my life, asking God to bring Noah and I's hearts together, to have him see me, to feel my love, I promised God if he was mine I would cherish him forever and always hold him in my heart. He is one of my life's greatest blessings and I am ashamed to say too often I forget that. I go crazy over life's mundane things in an attempt for "peaceful paradise" but now I realize paradise isn't where you live or how you live it's how you think. I am challenging myself to remember that I am walking on a perfect beach with my best friend by my side every day in my mind.

I choose my life
I make my happiness
I am in my paradise

Don't forget that Brittany.

Grown Woman Problems, The Drama of Decorating

As time passes, my style evolves and changes causing me to change my surroundings (like most people). I have come to realize there is a difference between what I like and what I have. I am struggling with implementing my true style. True style??? What does that even mean? Let me explain.
I have a distinct style I lean towards, when I redo other people's spaces I can really reflect that style, but in my own home I fail to let that show. In the beginning it starts out great but as time goes by things get worse, moving further away from where I want it to be. My husband has helped me discover the main culprit that is cramping my style, it is all my STUFF!! Over the years I have collected things that I have become attached to, most of these items are not particularly nice or original but I have been holding on to them FOREVER. You know, that knick knack so-and-so gave you a million years ago that is SO important. I sadly have so so SO many of these :(
I often stew over making my home look a certain way (modern, clutter less, decorated) but all the while fearing that I may lose something special, causing things to look like everyone else's homes... boring, unoriginal and I just can't deal with that! I want to create a shrine to our life, showing off our collections while still being cozy and livable. Since being married for 5 years and moving about 5 times I have learned to pare down by getting rid of a lot. I have been really proud of myself, each move I donate more stuff. But this last move has been particularly hard, I made the promise to myself that I would bring my Casa Ideas Pinterest board to life in my own home (Check out the board here!)No more drooling over other people's beautiful homes online, I want to drool over my own place! I vowed to not get caught in the past and move forward to a new sexy adult lifestyle, to be proud of my surroundings and to not clutter it up!
But the truth is hard! I created this master plan with budgets, photos, floor plans for our new place and all was good until I opened up my d├ęcor boxes and found there wasn't a place for all the things in it... I couldn't put everything out and make it look the way I planned. Which means I have to get rid of stuff... NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! In my epic planning I forgot about all things I already had, all the little items that have collected into a random mass. Now I am charged to figure out how to achieve my home goals and not cry over little things.
Luckily over the weekend I had a small victory :) I finished one small corner of my house. It is painted and decorated just to my liking and I am really really proud of it! I am going to ride on this glory to the next project and hopefully not stop until my house is AMAZING!!
Wish me luck!

Weekend To Do!

So ready for my weekend to start! Got lots on my list to do... sunbathing, swimming and drinking. Thank goodness for summer

DIY Waxed Canvas Bag, Will Leather Goods Look-A-Like

While on vacation in San Diego last week I found a fabulous bag that I wanted really bad! The bright colors and leather straps made it perfect for me, however the price was not! At $95 I felt I could save some dough and  totally make this!
If you got the dough and not the time pick it up HERE
After very minimal research I found some awesome tutorials!! So many that I am confident my bag is going to turn out perfect, I am planning on working on it this weekend but just couldn't wait to blog about it! Let's get started!
First things first, find some cool cotton fabric or plain canvas. Like many of you I have TONS of fabric hanging out in my studio, I am fighting the urge to buy more! I have some cool cheap Ikea fabric I really like and some DIY watercolor fabric I made, I haven't decided which one to use yet but both would work!
Ikea Fabric is the BOMB! Check it out!
Rachael of Transient Expression has made a fantastic tutorial on how to make a bag just like this. She breaks down each step so wonderfully! Frankly, she has tons of amazing tutorials (I am now obsessed with her blog!) I want to make everything! Check this lady out, girl has style!

Step 1 Sewing the Bag
Check out Transient Expression's great instructions on how to sew the bag. INSTRUCTIONS HERE!

Step 2 Make the Leather Straps
There are a few different ways to make leather straps, you can use thin leather and sew them to a backing to accent your bag or you can use thick leather that is cut into desired thickness. Either way will work great!
Thin Straps with Wool Backing 

Thick Straps (More like the original Will bag)
Both techniques are easy and use limited tools :)

Step 3 Attach the Straps
Transient Expressions Leather Strap Tutorial
Again Transient Expression has a super easy tutorial on how to rivet the straps to the bag, she put them right on the edge of the bag. I am planning however to attach mine a little lower to mimic the Will Bag more closely.

Step 4 Waxing the Bag
To wax the canvas or cotton use a mixture of paraffin and bees wax. There a couple ways in which to apply the wax both work well. I found a couple good videos to show you the options.
I am planning to use this tutorial to make my wax and use the below tutorial to apply my wax bars.
This above video uses store bought wax bar and rubs it in while in bar form. What is nice about this is you are less likely to burn yourself and don't have to worry about melting the wax in a double boiler. The downside, however, is waterproofing wax is a little pricey.

This video is a little lengthy but has great tips on really getting the wax into the fabric! I found it on Lifehacker, if you didn't already know, that website is the greatest!

Step 5 You're Done!
 Stay tuned for uploads of my finished bag :)
Good luck, with your project!