DIY Waxed Canvas Bag, Will Leather Goods Look-A-Like

While on vacation in San Diego last week I found a fabulous bag that I wanted really bad! The bright colors and leather straps made it perfect for me, however the price was not! At $95 I felt I could save some dough and  totally make this!
If you got the dough and not the time pick it up HERE
After very minimal research I found some awesome tutorials!! So many that I am confident my bag is going to turn out perfect, I am planning on working on it this weekend but just couldn't wait to blog about it! Let's get started!
First things first, find some cool cotton fabric or plain canvas. Like many of you I have TONS of fabric hanging out in my studio, I am fighting the urge to buy more! I have some cool cheap Ikea fabric I really like and some DIY watercolor fabric I made, I haven't decided which one to use yet but both would work!
Ikea Fabric is the BOMB! Check it out!
Rachael of Transient Expression has made a fantastic tutorial on how to make a bag just like this. She breaks down each step so wonderfully! Frankly, she has tons of amazing tutorials (I am now obsessed with her blog!) I want to make everything! Check this lady out, girl has style!

Step 1 Sewing the Bag
Check out Transient Expression's great instructions on how to sew the bag. INSTRUCTIONS HERE!

Step 2 Make the Leather Straps
There are a few different ways to make leather straps, you can use thin leather and sew them to a backing to accent your bag or you can use thick leather that is cut into desired thickness. Either way will work great!
Thin Straps with Wool Backing 

Thick Straps (More like the original Will bag)
Both techniques are easy and use limited tools :)

Step 3 Attach the Straps
Transient Expressions Leather Strap Tutorial
Again Transient Expression has a super easy tutorial on how to rivet the straps to the bag, she put them right on the edge of the bag. I am planning however to attach mine a little lower to mimic the Will Bag more closely.

Step 4 Waxing the Bag
To wax the canvas or cotton use a mixture of paraffin and bees wax. There a couple ways in which to apply the wax both work well. I found a couple good videos to show you the options.
I am planning to use this tutorial to make my wax and use the below tutorial to apply my wax bars.
This above video uses store bought wax bar and rubs it in while in bar form. What is nice about this is you are less likely to burn yourself and don't have to worry about melting the wax in a double boiler. The downside, however, is waterproofing wax is a little pricey.

This video is a little lengthy but has great tips on really getting the wax into the fabric! I found it on Lifehacker, if you didn't already know, that website is the greatest!

Step 5 You're Done!
 Stay tuned for uploads of my finished bag :)
Good luck, with your project!