Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Did you just realize there is only 7 days until Christmas?
Are you freaking out a little? 
Well no worries, there are so many fantastic tutorials out there for fantastic gifts that are easy and cost effective. But if you're like me, the second I get on Pinterest to find something to make I don't get anything done. Because I am just scrolling for hours!

Luckily, I found 10 easy gifts that are so great! All of these projects were found on Pinterest and were created by so many fantastically creative people! So be sure and check out the original blogs where these gift ideas came from.

#1 T-Shirt Art
For any special guy in your life, from your dad to your boyfriend, this is a great idea and super affordable.  Take old unwanted T-shirts, preferably ones that have significance. Favorite bands, skate companies or sports teams are the best options.
Threadbare Memories by: The Not So Blank Canvas
#2 Bead Safety Pin Cuff
A beautiful project that is simple enough even a child could do with limited supervision. Only takes 3 supplies and you are off!
Safety Pin Bracelet by: Craftbits
#3 Custom iPhone Case
A gift for anyone, for that student, teen or best friend. So many people have iPhones, so you can't go wrong.
iPhone Case by: Lesley Myrick Art & Design
#4 Fabric Button Earrings
This gift only takes a few bucks and you can make a ton! Just use scrap fabric you have laying around from past projects or go pick up some quilting packs for $1 at your local craft store!
Fabric Button Earrings by: Crafts After College
#5 Photo Canvases
These are so in right now but are pretty pricey, but this tutorial shows a great way to do them on the cheap! Use those great pictures from Thanksgiving or Halloween that you have been meaning to give Grandma or Aunt So and So. 
Photo Canvases by: Literally Inspired
#6 Colorful Bangles
This is just a beautiful gift that looks so unique! I want them! :)
Pearly Colorful Bracelets by: Heodeza
#7 Cork Monogram
This gift is great for a hostess or even a mancave! If you don't have a ton of wine corks lying around check your local Goodwill many of them have bags of corks or people are always selling them on Craigslist. You could even modify this by doing it with bottle caps. :)
Cork Monogram by: The Oceanside Bride
#8 Swarovski Drop Earrings
These are just stunning pieces that will take any woman's breath away. Detailed items needed along with great instructions can be found in the link. But feel free to get creative and use beads you may already have around.
Minnow Motion Earrings by: Fire Mountain Gems
#9 Colorful Bobby Pins
A great gift for little girls or teens, crazy cheap to make but really fun and practical. 
Simple Hair Accessory by: Oh Hello
#10 Freezer Paper Screen Printing
Have an inside joke between friends that would be great on a shirt? Well, with DIY you can make it for just a few bucks! This can be good for all ages!
Freezer Paper Stencil by: The Gilded Hare

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you get that perfect gift for everyone on your list!