About Me

Hi! My name is Brittany Butler and I am an artist and general creator. I have been involved in mixed media painting for over 9 years. I have always loved to create all types of things from silversmithing to collages to sewing.
Many have asked me what sparked my passion for painting or why art has become the focus of my life. As a teenager I had many family issues which made me very worried and anxious about life, all of which moved me to get involved in painting. Through painting I learned how to work through my anxiety and channel my emotions into something I could be proud of. But once I discovered my passion for art I had found a new problem.

In life I always thought there was only two options: work hard doing something that makes you miserable in order to have big money. Or work hard doing what you love and living your passion while being content with little money. This forever had me worried about wanting to be an artist and left me feeling guilty for wanting to live for myself. I don't want to struggle in life but I still want to do what I love and NOT as a "hobby". I have decided to put the idea of a “real job” in the trash and just go for my passion regardless of the consequences. Through creating art and having some amazing friends I have learned you must be driven to accomplish anything worth having. Passion makes everything possible.

After this revelation, I created Fabulousity as a resource for women, artists & DIYers in the hopes that they would discover the amazing power art can have in one's life. I decided to focus on what I believe is the key to creation, which is inspiration. All things in this world can be a cause for ground breaking inspiration, from a fuschia handbag to a Mediterranean sunset. Let the simple things in life inspire you to create something extraordinary.

My personal goal is to help others push themselves to the next level of creativity & life through their passions.

Please send me an email!  I would love to hear about your life as an artist, new projects you know about or any advice you may have.

Thanks for reading!