Where Have I Been?

Today I opened up my browser and decided to clean up my bookmarks and organize my digital life a little. I clicked on the little icons to see what each one was, then suddenly I clicked the little orange "B" and remembered that I used to blog... WHOA! Where has life gone! 2013 doesn't seem like 2 years ago... I didn't realize my life was going by so fast that I didn't even take a second to share it on my "website". What a FAIL!

I am not really sure how to pick back up on here... Do I just go on like I never left? Do I try to recap what has happened over the past couple years? Do I just delete this and start over? Do I just leave this little space here to die alone? I don't know what to do... So I am going to do a little bit of the same old thing with some recaps of the past. I have been posting a million things on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but haven't showed it here so I will post some oldies for me but newbies for you.

I am excited to revisit this place and maybe find something new for myself. Hopefully fall in love with blogging again.