DIY Geometric or Stripe Statement Wall, Let's Get Wild!

I am going to start this post by saying I FREAKING LOVE PINTEREST!!!!!
Ok, I can start now :) I recently discovered an AHmazing blog through Pinterest. I have been on this woman's blog nonstop for the past week! The blog is called Gorgeous Shiny Things by Danika Herrick, and I must say she is fantastic!! She is my long lost sister, it is so weird when you find someone online that has the same thoughts as you, not to mention the same style!! Anyway I will stop fangirling over her... :)
Go check out here blog, she is ridiculously talented!!
Her blog has jump started my energy for working on the house, I was getting discouraged and frustrated, struggling to finish a project. But since checking out her blog a week ago I have finished 3 projects off my list!! Woop Woop! She changes her house all the time, nothing is permanent and it gave me the comfort that if I don't like what I do I can change it. Our lives and style is everchanging so I should expect that to reflect in my home. Not only did this blog get me working it gave me so many ideas I plan to do in my own house! Check out my plan :)
Living Room Project
DIY Striped Ceiling
 She did her kitchen so great and the ceiling is just frosting on the cake! So elegant and interesting. I decided I needed some fun like this in my life! So the plan is to do the living room ceiling just like this, except make the stripes a little wider.
 After brewing over this a couple days I thought wait a minute... how am I going to actually do this? I suck at putting tape up on the wall straight, what am I thinking? Are you crazy girl? I chilled out from my mini-panic attack and got to Googling. I found a great tutorial on how to stripe your ceiling over at Googiemamma blog.
She has great pictures and good tips :)
Dining Room Project
DIY Geometric Wall
In her always-changing office, at one point she had this awesome geo pattern painted on her wall, I must say it is so cool! I have really been drooling over those 3D wall panels since seeing them on Kara Paslay Designs Blog. But the price for them is just too much for the size wall I want to do. I have been looking to find a cheap alternative that looks super duper cool.
I really think Danika's wall has a great 3D aspect to it but doesn't break the bank!
My plan is to do my main dining room wall in this same pattern but in gray & black monotone colors, to match the counters & cabinets we plan to update.  Luckily she explains with great detail the best techniques to complete this project and so be sure and check out this post!
Tutorial HERE!
My plan was to start working this Saturday but the family will be in town so it will have to wait. Who knows? Maybe I will get antsy and want to do it after work :) I am so excited to get house all glammed up! Wish me luck!