Grown Woman Problems, The Drama of Decorating

As time passes, my style evolves and changes causing me to change my surroundings (like most people). I have come to realize there is a difference between what I like and what I have. I am struggling with implementing my true style. True style??? What does that even mean? Let me explain.
I have a distinct style I lean towards, when I redo other people's spaces I can really reflect that style, but in my own home I fail to let that show. In the beginning it starts out great but as time goes by things get worse, moving further away from where I want it to be. My husband has helped me discover the main culprit that is cramping my style, it is all my STUFF!! Over the years I have collected things that I have become attached to, most of these items are not particularly nice or original but I have been holding on to them FOREVER. You know, that knick knack so-and-so gave you a million years ago that is SO important. I sadly have so so SO many of these :(
I often stew over making my home look a certain way (modern, clutter less, decorated) but all the while fearing that I may lose something special, causing things to look like everyone else's homes... boring, unoriginal and I just can't deal with that! I want to create a shrine to our life, showing off our collections while still being cozy and livable. Since being married for 5 years and moving about 5 times I have learned to pare down by getting rid of a lot. I have been really proud of myself, each move I donate more stuff. But this last move has been particularly hard, I made the promise to myself that I would bring my Casa Ideas Pinterest board to life in my own home (Check out the board here!)No more drooling over other people's beautiful homes online, I want to drool over my own place! I vowed to not get caught in the past and move forward to a new sexy adult lifestyle, to be proud of my surroundings and to not clutter it up!
But the truth is hard! I created this master plan with budgets, photos, floor plans for our new place and all was good until I opened up my décor boxes and found there wasn't a place for all the things in it... I couldn't put everything out and make it look the way I planned. Which means I have to get rid of stuff... NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! In my epic planning I forgot about all things I already had, all the little items that have collected into a random mass. Now I am charged to figure out how to achieve my home goals and not cry over little things.
Luckily over the weekend I had a small victory :) I finished one small corner of my house. It is painted and decorated just to my liking and I am really really proud of it! I am going to ride on this glory to the next project and hopefully not stop until my house is AMAZING!!
Wish me luck!