DIY Duct Tape Wallet UPDATE

I was checking out my Google Analytics today and found that my most popular post on my blog is my DIY Duct Tape Wallet post. After checking out the post I noticed I never posted pictures of the finished projects :) So check them out!

After using the Crafty Nest tutorial, that I needed to add a strap to keep it closed. So I made it the same way they body is made and attached it with more tape.

I gave these as Christmas presents to all the guys in my life and they were a HUGE hit! The young and old were so stoked to have a one of a kind creation. Also I made these back in 2011 and many of them are still being used today. Overtime they have gotten a little sticky but we do live in Phoenix (it gets up to 119 degrees in the summer).

I made this one for my husband, it used the inside of a cheap calculator as an accent. It always is a conversation starter and is really unique.

The Velcro stayed nicely with it's own adhesive and didn't ever pull up.
I got inspiration to add so style to my wallets from Jduct, her wallets are very intricate with lots of images & logos. I wanted to do this but ran out of time, so I did a simple striping pattern and they turned out really cool.

This walled is my favorite! I am most proud of this one because it turned out exactly how I wanted. It was a gift for my little sister and she was so happy with it. The coin purse was a little difficult but ended up being totally worth it.
After making so many wallets, I found that buying the sheets of duct tape to do the body of the wallet makes a better quality product and last much longer.
I did end up making a few more woman's wallets and I just love them! I need to make one for myself one of these days!

Hope this helps with your creative process and I would love to see what you make!