DIY Duct Tape Wallet

About a year or so ago Noah had been complaining about his credit cards not working after getting a new wallet. So after going through 4 new bank cards in one year a women at the bank told us that if the slots you put your cards in are leather they will demagnetize your cards. Thinking this was crazy because most wallets are leather but still curious I took a look at my husbands wallet collection. And sure enough all his wallets had cloth lined slots except his current wallet which had LEATHER! 
I decided to get creative on the cheap in order to solve this dilemma!
 When I made my husbands wallet I couldn't find a good template or instructions so I just played around with the duct tape and ended up with a really great simple wallet.
I found a great tutorial that is really easy to follow on
I have been dying to make a duct tape wallet of my own and I found this Instructables Guide by Jerseygirl77 that is really great! I haven't gotten around to making it yet but I totally will!
Just a word of advice! Don't use scissors it's much easier and less messy to use and exacto knife!