Easy DIY Independence Day Clothes!

I love love love patriotic clothes for 4th of July! As I know many other people do! Whip up something awesome/affordable/original for everyone in your family before Thursday!! You Can Do It!

Ever since I was a kid my mom would buy us matching Old Navy flag shirts, it always made me smile, thinking we are team AMERICA! LOL :) But as I got older and saw so many other families supporting America the same way, I was tired of them. It is so easy to make unique patriotic clothes for almost nothing! When I went on the hunt to find a good project there were so many options that made me a little overwhelmed. So I had to share my experience with a couple great tutorials I tried out last year, with a few tweaks of my own.
No Sew, 4th of July Tank!
These 2 tutorials have great instructions and fantastic pictures, please check them out! They helped my process so much!
Star Spangled Hoodie
As I am not a big fan of tank tops or hoodies I wanted to put my own spin on these awesome tutorials! So I bought us girls cute plain white v-neck t shirts that fit us the way we liked. I didn't want to use fabric dyes or spray paint as they are super messy and have lots of fumes. I decided to use watered down $0.88 acrylic craft paint and put it in old spray bottles (body spray ones work best) instead! This project could literally cost you nothing if you have a white shirt and paint at home! Woop woop I love FREE!! It worked perfectly, I washed our shirts tons of times and they didn't bleed. They still look awesome!
Also around this time last year I got the itch to buy so adorable glittery American flag shorts from Forever 21 but didn't want to spend $30! So I used the Freezer Paper Screen Printing tutorial to make our awesome glitter shorts!! They turned out really nicely and have also lasted! As a note Noah's shirt had some bleeding issues since his shirt was too thin. The watery paint got everywhere but I used a sharpie and made it look grungie. Noah really liked it and got tons of compliments on it at work. So don't freak out if things get crazy just go with it!
These projects took only a few hours to complete, I made 4 shirts and 3 shorts, you can totally pull these off last minute and look fabulous!! Get crafting!