Redesign Myself? My Blog?

I have recently been mulling over the idea of rebranding myself 
as an artist and a blogger. 
I have long admired my creative/business style as artistic, unique and free form. But as time goes on I feel like it has really become scatterbrained, cluttered and confusing. 
I know what I am thinking but am I really properly conveying my thoughts/ideas? 
Do you know what the heck I am trying to say? 
and the answer to me is uuummmm.... I don't know
which freaks me out. 
If I can't tell if my website is simple and easy to navigate 
and I can't tell what my main mission is 
how they heck can I expect my readers and clients to do the same???

Enough Ranting!
Here is what my goal is for this week.
I need to answer a few questions to find my path..
What is the true purpose of my blog?
Is it to sell products? Is it for tutorials?
Should I create 2 websites?

Is my website about me or about my creations?
Should it be about me? 
Should I incorporate my personal life in my website?

Do I need a brand name/logo?

Am I creating a true and accurate reflection of my artistic process and mind?

Here is where you (my friends/family/readers) come in, I would like some input from people who know me well and or read my blog. What do you like about my website, what do you hate? Are the questions that I have asked myself the right ones? Should I have more? and the most important, can you help me answer some of these questions?

Please take the time to give me input, I want to you know opinions!
Thank you for your love and support.