DIY $7 Sunburst Mirror!!!

I am sure you, like me, have been drooling over all those awesome sunburst mirrors on Pinterest and keep saying "I can make that!" Well finally, after months and months I made one!!!! And I must say it is beautiful! Plus it cost under $10 bucks!! Can't beat that!

Items You will need:
1. 2 packs bamboo skewers ($2 each @ the grocery store)
2. Hot glue & glue gun (Free had in my office)
3. Small round mirror ($5 @ Michaels)
4. Round piece of cardboard the same size as your mirror (Free in your junk pile XD)
5. Spray paint (I used left over paint from the shed)
Total Cost $7 
I decided not to take progress pictures of mine just because Stephanie Lynn over at Under The Table and Dreaming did such an amazing job with her tutorial! The steps are super easy to follow and the pictures are great! I did do a few things different to mine which I will show you!

Helpful Notes:
1. I started out cutting each skewer with scissors and it was taking forever, I found I could just break them by hand  just as nicely and it is way faster. Just hold it between your two thumbs where you need it to break and bend it back and forth. Boom you're done!
2. Don't stress the spacing. I was getting a little OCD about how perfect they need to be but in the end you couldn't even tell which ones weren't perfect.
 3. Get creative with paint. Don't stop with one color of spray paint, I decided to do an ombre look but there are so many other possibilities.
Once I finished my mirror I decided it would be a great raffle prize for my annual family reunion, plus my grandma was begging me to bring one. So sadly this isn't part of my beautiful asian bedroom but I know it's new owner is in love with it! 
I am bummed that I didn't remember to get a finished on the wall picture :( 
 I really loved how this turned out and how easy it was. I am definitely going to make another one for my bedroom!