Weekend Work List

Since moving into the new place my "To Do List" seems to get longer and longer. It is now to the point where I am not doing anything out of sheer fear of the list. So I decided to just pick 10 things to do each weekend, I don't have to complete them all, but I have to complete at least 5. I think this will be an awesome way for me to stay productive at home and to get it together.

1. Paint bedroom wall

2. Finish sunburst mirror (paint gold)

3. Hang curtains in master bathroom

4. Install shower curtain rod

5. Take boxes to goodwill

6. Put storage stuff in new tubs

7. Hang up laundry

8. Paint Josh's room

9. Pot patio plants

10. Buy shower curtain and towels.
Good luck Brittany, you can do it!!