Pinterest Obsession!

Late to the trend, a couple months ago I found out about the website Pinterest. I was interested in the idea of a bulletin board style or more visual style to keep track of my bookmarks. After finally getting someone to send me an invite I was off! Uploading, pinning and repining. This girl just couldn't stop! 
I spend hours surfing the internet everyday and I always come across cool stuff I want to save or blog about so I bookmark it. The problem with that is I forget about it and 3 months later I am going through my bookmarks and re-find it and claim I am going to blog about it, and  then I forget. A vicious cycle >:( but with Pinterest I can have image catalog of all the things I am into and easily keep them separated. 

For example I have a secret nerd life of video games, Star Wars and what not. But I obviously love home decor, fashion, beauty and DIY. I like that I can keep all my interests organized and in one place easily without having to mix them.
I am looking forward to doing a weekly post with my top 10 favorite pins.
Are you on Pinterest? What do you pin?
Happy Pinning!