Asian Master Bedroom!!!

For many years I have been dreaming of an Asian themed bedroom, but I never could make a decision on colors, furniture, or flat out just didn't have the money. Well now that we have found a new amazing place I thought this would be the best time to have my dream bedroom!
Our current place has lots of space, high ceilings and beautiful lighting. I want to accent the height of the ceiling with an amazing headboard. Of course I want to make this headboard, but it is still in the works! As a matter of fact, I have been "making" this headboard for several months A.K.A. it has been living under my bed :) My husband thinks I will never finish it, so I obviously bet him $100 I would finish it by the end of the month... sometimes I can't keep myself out of trouble. But anyway, I have a few ideas for the current creation I have now but I do want to make a few modifications. 
 In the world of headboards there are just so many things I love and so many things I want my headboard to have. Like beautiful fabric, storage space, amazing wood, romantic back lighting and a refrigerator (lol just kidding). My goal is to find a beautiful solution that fits all my wants.
I love the color purple and have used it in my homes before but never in the bedroom. I have always loved having a romantic red bedroom but feel like purple can bring just as much passion and romance as red. Various shades of purple will be the main color but definitely some red accents.
I am excited to get back to blogging and sharing the adventures of own new place! Stay tuned for more awesome home gorgeousness!!