Goals for Twenty Twelve! Part 1

This year I have a ton on my plate with the new job, new car, new bills so I really need to get myself on track!
So I figured if I write them down in black and white I will be committed! I am going to be specific and small to ensure I am successful with these projects, because just like everyone else you have big dreams and no time to get them done, then you are bummed because you never get finished. This is going to be the first part of my 20twelve goals, here goes!

1. Organize Office/Studio
{get rid of what I don't need, clear off my desk, throw away old paint,
 find a file cabinet for all my papers, dust, put away unused items}

2. Make Time to Paint and ACTUALLY PAINT!

3. Donate Old Clothes & Shoes

4. Cook Dinner Twice a Week
 {If you know me you know I hate cooking, well let me rephrase that, I hate getting up the nerve to cook. Once I start cooking, I love it! I am going to just cook 2 dinners a week for starters!}

5. Do Laundry Every Week
 {That's right I am going to tackle that huge monster in my closet known as LAUNDRY!!}

Keep your eyes peeled for my next 5 goals and to see how I am doing on these goals! What goals do you have for the new year? Have you already quit or are you still going strong?