The Playboy Club...Cancelled!

I am sure I am pretty late on this topic, but I have to talk about it! So about 2 months ago my husband and I decided we were going to cancel our TV service since we NEVER watched it. We literally paid 80 bucks a month for it to just sit there. There are a few shows I like to watch, but I am never home when they are on so I just watch them on Hulu the next day. We just rock the Hulu and Netflix apps on our TV and I love how cheap it is! But back to the topic :) I recently was surfing around on Hulu and found The Playboy Club show and was like, "Hmmm that could be interesting." I decided I would watch the pilot to just "check it out", that ended up with me watching all the episodes they had! I was totally hooked and loving everything about the show. The look, the story, the characters....I was just eating it up and dying to know when it would come on again. 
Then today I am playing on the computer and I come across a photo of the show that was cool so I decided to Google some more and I discovered that the show is CANCELLED! WTF! Because it was too controversial...I think the crime shows are way worse than that! They didn't even show anything nor was there many suggestive scenes. I am super disappointed in NBC! They totally ruined my new excitement for TV. So I guess this means I really just should not watch TV, because every thing I really like gets cancelled :( LAME

So to commemorate an awesome show I found so cool pictures from the real Playboy Club to enjoy!