Halloween 2011 Mermaid Costume Inspiration

After trying to decide for forever what I wanted to be for Halloween this year, I finally figured it out!
I am going to be a Mermaid! The plan is to make my own costume...I only have a little bit of time as I am also throwing the annual Halloween party... I hunted for great ideas for costumes and here are some of the pictures I found that are going to help with the creation of my costume.

 Since I know I am not going to have much time to make a fabulous dress I am going to focus my attention on amazing makeup! I think this is a fun and creative way to make something really amazing!

I want to do mash-up of all these ideas, hopefully it doesn't look like a crazy mess :)
 And of course we can't forget about the fabulous Ariel, the one princess I always wanted to be!

Hopefully my costume will turn out amazing! I wish I could do a practice run to post, but I just don't have enough time! :(