Downtown Phoenix...The Reason I have Been Silent

I have gotten everything I asked for and more!
Thankfully my new job has pushed me into the adventures of downtown Phoenix despite my years of driving in downtown fears. Amazingly enough I am beginning to understand how to navigate and have even found some great places to hang out!
 Most of my focus has been on Grand Avenue and Roosevelt Row.
I have gathering all the data I need to kick butt and take names!
It has surprised me how much there is in this city...when I am there I feel like I am in a whole other place, the place I have been wanting to go for a while.
 I am excited to finally bring all my talents into one and get paid for it :)
This is the first time in my life I really am excited for the future and what amazing things are going to happen.
Keep your eyes on First Friday Events and The Grand Avenue Festival coming up October 22nd Maybe I will see you down there. Hopefully at my new place Oasis on Grand, an apartment community for artist!
More details to come!

Love ya