No longer is my life unedited!!

Over the last several weeks my dearest friend has been editing my blog. What!?!....You maybe saying but don't worry, it's only a detailed "spelling & grammar check". As I am sure you have noticed sometimes when I write I skip words or totally just destroy spelling, this is a flaw I have known about myself for a very VERY long time. It was one of the many reason why I didn't want to start a blog because I was afraid people would think I was stupid, but I decided that the only way I would improve my writing would be to practice. So obviously I started a blog despite my crappy grammar and amazingly you all still love me : ) But my bestie has been going crazy over my horrible grammar and spelling so she begged me to let her fix my errors. After many sleepless nights of insane "what if" scenarios going through my head I decided to let her go to town. I let her know I am trusting her with my first born child and that if she screws it up I WILL kill her!  XD lol I know she will do an amazing job and only enhance my already awesome blog!

♥ love ya lady thanks for your hard work.

Please show her some love and check out her impeccable grammar on her blog at The Alchemy of My Mind