First I must say...WOOOOOO!!! HOOOO!! All my thoughts, dreams and conversations have been revolving around moving into our new apartment! And finally the day is here. Today we got the keys to our new place : ) And for the first time we are going to have a outdoor area, that isn't mini, so my mind naturally has been going crazy with new ideas to decorate. 
Not only has the move inspired me to really go all out but after a long, intense, anger filled conversation with my husband about the decorating. After a comment was made I became the HULK for 3 days and just wanted to break things and cry. But after talking some more and really thinking I realized that it wasn't just the comment that made me upset is was really that I am sensitive about our nest. I spend hours and hours of my time planning things to do and they never really work out. And it is just so freaking frustrating!! I have fantastic taste and I can put things together but I can never make a decision to commit to so therefor NOTHING gets fully finished.
So I have decided to work one room at a time and not move on until it is complete. I am going to strive for a complete look, pair down my collections, and stop the clutter. I want to have a beautiful place that is clean, organized and fantastic so I am not going to let the hitches of decorating stop me! 
I am planning a fantastic 50's themed cocktail party for the end of May and that is my goal time to get a lot of my work done. 
Wooh...I started the post to share some of the amazing ideas/inspiration I found the last few weeks and it turned into a nag fest : ) Oh well it was much needed. 
As you can see the bedroom is first on my list! My first goal is to make a sweet headboard. I have always loved big upholstered headboards but felt like I shouldn't have one until I get a house. But after doing more research I found these beautiful paneled headboards that are easy to make and move! Totally up my alley! 
 My next big goal is a home bar!! Since we are have the party coming up it's the perfect excuse to have the bar I have always dreamed of. But sadly beautiful bar carts are way WAY out of my price range so I am on the hunt to find a fixer upper @ Goodwill or maybe make one from scratch. I have faith that there is a beautiful bar cart waiting to find a new home for under 60 bucks : ) 
A glass cart would be a dream come true but I will keep my mind open.
Thanks for listening.
Until next time.