What's Going On: Jewelry, Puppies, Pedicures and SHOES!

{Fruity Jewels}
I have been needing a new necklace with lots of colors so I thought this would be perfect for spring/summer! I am in total love with it!
Brand NEW necklace I just made! 
I had a few bracelets that hadn't sold so I decided to make them into a necklace!
It's 5 strands of semi-precious stones and swarovski crystal
{Baby Louie V}
This adorable little puppy is my little sister's new dog! He is the most precious thing ever! He comes from a family of dogs with designer names such as Prada and Gucci so the girls decided Louie V was the best choice : ) 
Sleeping in his little box
I had to put him in the pocket of my apron.
Such a well behaved pup didn't even wiggle around!

Noah has had some crazy dry feet forever and I have always had to doctor them up but today I talked him into going with me to get a pedi! After much convincing and assuring that it wasn't painful he agreed. He was pretty ticklish but he made it through! When we got in the car he said "I get why you like doing that, it's relaxing and fun to get pampered, thanks for making me go." Anytime sir, anytime!
Noah trying hard not to fall asleep from the amazing hot rock massage!
The lady hard at work on what she called "broke down feet" : )
 {Sexy Spike Heels}
A week or so my mom and I ventured to Last Chance which is a huge store with killer designer shoes, bags and clothing at insanely low prices! So low that they limit you 3 pairs of shoes and 3 purses per person! I got 4 pairs of amazing shoes but these bad boys had to be shared! I found them just sitting perfectly on the rack, unlike the mess of shoes everywhere else, at first they looked pretty plain but to my surprise as I turned it around to check out the heel I DIED!! Spikes, crystals and studs these sexy mamas could not not come home with me! The funny thing was once I statred carrying them around all the ladies where ogling them! One lady even tried to pick them up but don't worry I stopped her! So I am not sure when or where I am going to rock them but I am so much happy with them! I am wearing them right now while blogging XD!
Can you believe only $40!!
They are in perfect condition not one crystal or spike missing!

Thanks for reading