My New Hair!!

So after posting the last pictures of amazing hair I could no longer hold myself back and I dyed my hair! I also ordered feathers and tinsel! So far I have only received the feathers but I am for the first time completely in love with my hair!! I think it is so amazing and the perfect mesh of what I wanted. Not too much not too little, I can't wait for the tinsel to get her so it can just be jizztastic!! WOO HOO!! Enjoy the pictures of the hair so far!

This first group of pictures are in my apartment to see boring bathroom lighting! Just wait for sunshine it is so much better!

Now amazingness!!

The purple is my fav!


I really think the white is fun pre-gray hair : )

I like this picture..I am not sure why


I am super proud of myself for taking the plunge and doing it. If feels great to have done something a little crazy! I am such a freakin rebel : P Let me know what you think! And get ready for the upcoming sparkle : )