Life Takes Hold: Love, Jewels & Apartments

So after many sleepless night and much prayer my life is changing...for the better. In all aspects of my life! WOO HOO!! I have been creating jewelry like crazy and selling tons XD! Finally! Soon I will be posting some amazing creations for purchase so, go ahead and get excited! 
Noah and I are getting to a new place in our relationship, we have now realized that we are married but we still need to talk to each other..imagine that lol..but seriously it feels good to know we are on the same page and I just can't live with out those amazing smiles and kisses. So thank goodness the arguing has toned down, who knew being married was so INTENSE..I guess like everyone...LOL but I don't regret a second of it, being with my best friend everyday of my life was the best decision I have EVER made! Special thanks to loveactuallyblog for helping me mix it up ; )
 But on an even more amazing note we found a new apartment!! We weren't actually looking, I noticed a few weeks ago that our lease was up in April and that we needed to decide on renewing or moving and magically out of the blue an amazing place came up! It has a killer patio, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, it's way close to work and CRAZY CHEAP!! It has brand new carpet, vinyl, counters and we get to put in sick modern fixtures : ) We are going to be saving like 300 bucks!! And we aren't losing out on anything! It is so super sweet, the only down is we have only 3 weeks to pack and move...insane I know!
Believing in the universe and yourself is the best solution, ALWAYS!! Sometimes I forget that if I really put my mind to things I get what I want and need. I keep forgetting. I am going to try to post some plans of the new place but...needless to say I am completely consumed! Getting packed, Feng shui planning the new place, choosing paint, lighting, organizing, cleaning, plus being an amazing wife and making that money! I got stuff to do! In other words I will try my best! 

Note 4 Brittany:

 Keep yourself focused Britt, you're an amazing person that always gets things done right! So don't forget it!
Love you all!