I AM in Love with STRANGERS!

Is it crazy and creepy that a person can totally love people they have never met?

My mother would say YES! : P

But it each day it surprises me how happy clicking on the youtube button on my browser makes me. 




It started with Shay & the Tards then migrated to Charles & Alli and now Justin & Cass too. I have dealt with much criticizing remarks from my husband, family and friends as to how weird and "stalker" it is to watch these people everyday but regardless it doesn't changed the fact that I love watching them. It makes me smile to see other people out there, awesome couples in particular, loving life and treating each other right. These people inspire me to do more with my life and make each day count with the ones I love. So regardless of the remarks I am going to keep enjoying my "digital friends" (who don't know my name or who I am) because they make me happy!