Jewels, Feathers and Exhaustion

This week has been totally insane! My brain has been all over the place! I have been getting ready for my first big jewelry show (yesterday), which meant around the clock creating. I made more jewelry in the past 3 days than I have in the past 3 months (that's a TON)! my hands are sore, blistered and callused but it feels good to have accomplished so much. 
so much more to do : (
A taste of the completed works
I am totally in love with that glittery purple heart pendant XD
So as you can see complete insanity!!
But all the while creating my mind was focused on my HAIR!!!
Forever I have wanted amazing colored accent in my hair but have been terrified of bleaching it! Over the past few months my dear friend has been encouraging me to do it (she has amazingly colorful locks).
my amazing friend ♥

I am still too chicken to commit to this idea : (
So amazingly I found something that seems like a fantastic alternative (for now)!
I love love LOVE the way this looks :)


So after hours and hours of debating I decided to just DO IT!
So I did a ton of research to try to find the best prices and I must say it was a lot of work! I found the best deal on tinsel on eBay, I bought 6 different colors 240 strands for $7.50 and they are super long! So that was great and pretty easy to find but feathers on the other hand...freakin RICKDICULOUS!!!! Since feathers are all the rage right now they are insanely expensive! Upwards to 40 bucks for just a few feathers, for me that is a big investment in hair products that I don't even know I am going to like. But finally I decide to just a small variety pack on Etsy for 20 bucks that should satisfy my curiosity. 

Once I receive my goodies (should be in a week or 2) I will to massive photo taking and share the amazingness! I think eventually it would be amazing to combine colored hair with tinsel and feathers! WOW! 

I miss this place, I keep forgetting..