Get Glam on the cheap with P.S. I Made This!

While getting ready for gift making this year I was going checking out Martha to get ideas (as always) and I found this totally amazing necklace idea...
It's nylons and bouncy balls!! Which I think is just fun and fabulous!! The designer Erica Domesek has this great book out "P.S. I Made This" with some fantastic ideas for the fashionista with a no dough! I had to share these fantastic ideas of hers that I just loved! 
 I love this easy fun unique take on the t-shirt scarf!

 I so want these adorable wrist candies : )
Make sure to use spray fabric paint! So awesome!
With more layers and maybe different colors of leather! 

Totally wild!!

I feel like this is so artist girl ♥
 Super super SEXY!
I LOVE THESE!! Easy and super creative!

A cheap way to have awesome vintage vases!

DUH why didn't I think of this!

I am so making a fun gold something!!

If you loved everything about these be sure to check out her site