DIY Colorful Flower Cocktail Rings

DIY Colorful Flower Cocktail Rings
I have been in love with those huge flower rings that everyone is rockin these days! But I have huge fingers so I can never ever find one that fits! So I decided to make my own awesome one!! And I was feeling ambitious so I took pictures on the way!

So here is a super easy and quick 12 step tutorial!

{Items You Will Need}

- 8 inches of 22 gauge Floral Wire
- 1 black button (1 inch) Domed on one side Flat on the other
- 8 inches of 1/2 inch Black Satin Ribbon
-Glue gun & glue sticks
-Sweet embellishment that is flat on one side! 

You could use decorative buttons, old pendants, whatever! 
Use your creativity!
The amazing flowers I used are a must have! Take a look!

{Let's get started!}

 1. Take your wire and wrap it around the finger you want to wear the ring on. It' doesn't have to be perfect but it should fit LOOSELY. It needs to be loose to make room for the ribbon and the large flower.
 2. Take each end of the wire and begin to wrap them around the ring form to hold the shape in place.

3. Use some flat nosed pliers and make sure each end are wrapped smoothly around the ring and holding everything tightly in place.

4. Double check that the ring is comfortable and LOOSE! 

5. Now take the end of your ribbon and hold it inside your ring, place a neat strip of hot glue on the ring and fold the ribbon over it so we can begin wrapping.

6. Pull the ribbon firm and slowly wrap it around the ring. Every 2 wraps place some glue on the ring just to secure the ribbon from slipping around.

7. Once you have gone all the way around and you only have no section of metal showing, place a small bead of glue on the ribbon to finish the wrapping off. **Make sure not to use to much glue because you don't want to have glue all over your ribbon.

8. Trim off the excess ribbon as close to the glue as possible!

9. Triple check that the ring fits your finger correctly! It should fit comfortably now! If you have a mandrill (or ring sizer) slide it on there to make sure it is a nice round circle.

10. Time to glue the button to the band! Make sure to glue the DOMED side of the button to the RING! This makes sure the flower stays off your finger and that way it doesn't rub because that hurts : (

11. Now put a large amount of glue on the top of button to attach the flower! Make sure and press really hard! Wait until the glue is completely dry BEFORE trying the ring on or the flower will pop off.

12. Woo Hoo! Congrats You're finished & looking fabulous!

Hope you love your new cocktail ring & that you are looking fabulous!! Thanks for reading & I would love to see what you've created, So Please Comment!!

Love ya,