Social Media Buttons, Scheduales & Amazing Friends!

{Button Bonanza}
Yesterday I spent hours coding all the buttons on my blogs. And It took forever. I didn't realize until last night that I haven't made a post in while because I have been so caught up in getting things all set up. I feel super accomplished though, I finally figured out a lot of things I had been thinking about for awhile! So that's good! I still need to start laying out a new background for fall and a scheme for, I have no clue where to start! 

{Summer's OVER}
After working at the church all summer long answering phones, making bulletins, sending out birthday cards and redesigning the newsletter. It is all coming to an end. I met a ton of really great people while I was there and I really enjoyed myself. But I also learn a lot about myself, the most important thing is that I am a HUGE PROCRASTINATOR! I realize working at Los Arcos that there is so much time in the day that I just don't utilize. I have plenty of time to paint, post a blog, work on layouts & buttons, crochet, clean, love my husband and watch Shaytards with out my head popping off! This is a revelation! I never realized I was so horrible with my time, this was a big eye opener!

{New Schedule}
Now that I have come to realize that I need a planned schedule to stick to I am excited. Since I will be back to my home working again it will be a perfect opportunity to implement this new life plan! I figure I am going to need to create a rough plan to start and as I go see what works or what needs to be changed. So let's think about what I want to accomplish each day...

{22 and Amazing}
I am love my life & all the blessings that I have! The universe works in amazing ways. I am so thankful for my great husband, mother, sister, Alyssa and my Crosspoint family! Life wouldn't be the same without all of you! I look forward to the future and what I will accomplish but also the great relationships to make! I can't believe a year ago I was worried sick about not having "real friends" HA now look at me : )

Live Life Fabulous!