Glitter Girls!!

After being insanely inspired by this video I decided to get my glitter on! And I must say I did just that!

So I picked out my most comfortable & cute flats, but not my favorite just in case I happened to destroy them I wouldn't be totally devastated.
Garnet Fine Glitter (Martha Stewart)
So I went to Michael's and got the Tulip Glitter Bond ($4) and used some Martha Stewart Glitter (Garnet) I already had leftover from Christmas decorating.
The process of putting the glitter on
only took about 20-30 minutes. 
The long and tormenting part
was waiting for them to dry!
 I so badly wanted to slip them on my feet
the second they were fully glitterfied! But I controlled myself!

And boy am I glad I waited because they turned out so amazing!
I waited 2 hours for them to dry and
 then put those bad boys on!
I don't think I have been that excited
 to put on shoes in a really long time!
I have worn them 4 times already and they are still perfect!
Now I am just trying to decide what shoes to glitter next!