Double-Duty (hehe duty)

 Double-Duty Decorating Ideas
Bring new life to those old treasures.

#1 The Long Lost Earring-
Repurpose those studs that no longer have a pair on a cork-board for glamorous push pins!
#2 Broken Brooches-
Clip off the pin on those worn out or broken brooches, glue on a magnet and BAM! you have beautiful high-end magnets to hang up everything from bills to artwork.
#3 Flower Frog
When your frog isn't holding your stems in place have it hold snaps shots instead!
#4 Coffee Can Wine Rack
Use a can opener to remove the top and bottom of several cans, spray paint them any hue you desire, then glue them together in modern form using strong adhesive (krazy glue, gorilla glue) Use binder clips to hold it together while drying.
#5 Knobs on File Pulls
Small knobs from old furniture or the hardware store add an great touch to any file holder. Just poke a small hole in the front and screw in the knob and hold it on with a nut.
#6 Cupcake Candle Holders
Use cupcake foils as quick and easy disposable tealight holders for any party. just throw it away once it burns down the wick.
#7 Skateboard Shelf
Pick up some L brackets about half the width of the skateboard, drill them into the wall. You can set the board on the brackets with the trucks on or off it's up to you. If you leave the trucks on the weight will keep the shelf sturdy otherwise you may need to secure the board with some nuts and bots!
 #8 Cake Stand Candles
Those gorgeous vintage colorful cake stands that never have cake on them (at least at my house) can finally have a purpose. Stack a couple on top of each other or just have them stand alone. Place some clear contact paper on the top (or Spray with pam) to protect them from candle wax and place groups of pillar and votive candles all over it.
#9 Salt & Pepper Flowers
Use extra salt and pepper shakers (small jars or perfume bottles) as bud vases. Just screw off the tops and fill with small flowers of potpourri  to add color to the night stand or guest bathroom.
#10 Wallpaper Drawers
Line your drawers with fun wallpaper to add a splash of color to every pull! Cut wallpaper to fit drawer and use double sided tape to hold it down.
#11 Wine Rack Mags
Roll up your favorite magazines and stick them into wine rack to spice things up a bit.
#12 Pitchers for Flowers
Use glass or fine china pitchers to display dyed naturals or fresh cut flowers.

I found these great ideas and much more on Realsimple! So check it out!