Sleepy Days & Wild Nights!

Today has been sadly uneventful, but enjoyable. I spent most of my time hanging out with Noah at the school which was really nice since I haven’t done that in a long time. We had lots of great laughs together : ) lol Noah was on a joke roll today, I literally almost peed my pants today! Noah thought that was hilarious!
I am super excited for tonight, it’s my friends birthday tonight and a bunch of us are going out for sushi to celebrate. I have some great gifts to give her I hope she will love them. I have spent the last few weeks preparing her stuff, so I am sure it will be great!
(I Love this picture, Alyssa looks like she is just having a blast!)
It should be tons of fun and very delicious! My tummy can’t wait! I haven’t had sushi in probably a month or two : ( so it has been a long time coming. To bad it’s not going to be at my favorite place, Cafe Wasabi, but I guess that’s why it’s not my birthday : ) But sushi is sushi so I am still happy!!
One last thing…Alyssa is bringing the disc of Halloween pictures so tomorrow we will have a Halloween post! Woo Hoo!!