Babies, Babies, Babies

The last few weeks it's seemed like it has been baby fever. Several of my friends just found out they are having babies and it has just been on my mind. Not that I am thinking about having children any time soon just about baby stuff in general.  All this babyness made me realize I have a general fascination with things that are miniature.  For example I love little dogs, I have a shot glass collection because I think little cups are cute! So of course I love everything baby. Little clothes, little shoes, little everything. But anyway, lately I have ran across a few names that I thought were great baby names that I wanted to put some place that I wouldn't lose it or forget. So naturally I picked my blog : ). So this Post I am just going to go baby crazy!! Why not?!! So hang on!
TUTU'S!!! I want one for ME!!

Ok now for some baby names! These ones I really like!!
Makaila, Chloe, Sophia, Isabella, Roxie, Scarlett,
Natalie, Miranda, Janelle & Rochelle
Logan, Zach, Kevin, Spencer, Chance, Drake,
 Foster, Riley, Wyatt, Jude & Noah

Too cute!! That flower is as big as her head!!
 Baby Towels!!
I can't wait to be able to have an excuse to buy all the awesome kids furniture at Ikea!