After hours of obsessive craziness over customizing my desktop I finally did it! I am absolutely in love with Windows 7, the customization is unbelievable! And I have the pictures to prove it!! 
Above is my amazing desktop!! We have my start menu and rocketdock. And yes those pandas are buttons to programs and files which I drew myself and then pimped them out in photoshop!!
The fun pin like buttons go to my documents, photos, music and storage device with standalonestack which totally rocks!! And I got the pin icons from my Pieces of Flare on my facebook.
And last but certainly not least the background is a slideshow of all my favorite wallpapers!!

Now with a splitting headache I am so happy to have completed my masterpiece!! I have much to blog about such as how I learned how to do all this stuff at the new Microsoft Store!! But that's another day with less headaches!