50s Housewife

So I decided! For Halloween this year I am going to be a 50s Housewife.
Complete with cleaning gloves, apron and duster.
I figured since I am a housewife I might as well wear the uniform at least for a day! This photo of Dita Von Teese was a big inspiration to do this costume. I think she just looks beautiful in this dress.

So, yesterday I went on the hunt for all the things I need for my look. I went to Goodwill and found almost everything I needed! I got this great floral skirt mid-calf length with a matching cardigan and red bcbg pumps! All for 10 bucks! Then I went to the Antique Center and picked up a perfect little apron and beautiful clip-on earrings for 12 bucks. I only need to get some nice thigh highs and maybe a feather duster and I am done.
I am going to use these awesome videos for my hair and makeup!! I am sure it will look great!
And for some added fun I think it will be awesome to have a little bit of sexy pinup going on underneath my dress : ) with some great lingerie! Since a great housewife is always prepared.
I can't wait for Halloween!