Let's Get Glamorous!

I recently found this fantastic new website called Shopstyle and I am in LOVE! Everything is designer and gorgeous. But the best part is that members can make these fantastic ensembles. It is really inspiring to see all the fabulous outfits and everyone's different style.

Recently I watched for the first time Sex and the City The Movie and to my surprise I loved it. I have been reluctant to watch anything Sarah Jessica Parker because she just bothers me, something about her face. Lol that sounds silly because I like her but I just don't enjoy watching her talk lol. But anyway, a lot of people told me that my purse (Louis Vuitton Firebird) is in the movie and that Carrie's closet is to die for. So I finally did and it reminded me of how much I want to dress more fabulous.
I know I have great style and a fantastic ability to accessorize but you can only do so much with boring clothes. Ok maybe not boring but I have good basic pieces but no gorgeous one all on its own (it's kind of depressing). So a goal of mine is to try to incorporate more of my personality into my clothes not just my accessories. I think it is going to be a challenge for me. I have always splurged on the accessories and then skimp on the clothes. But no longer!
So I am going to use this website as inspiration to get more beautiful pieces. I think it is a great idea, hopefully I can stick to my guns and pay a little more for the clothes that are really worth it.
And that I will love for a lifetime. I love that someday I will be able to pass down some of my favorite outfits to my daughter but I can't do that if I am buying things that aren't going to last that long.

So in another attempt to keep my hopes up in 29 days Barney's at Scottsdale Fashion Square will be opening and I thought it would be a great time to go and get ideas. Try on some amazing clothes to really realize why I want them. And plus I have to go drool over the amazing shoes! That goes without saying.

So here is to the future! The future of my new wardrobe, career, and life.