Homemade Powder Shampoo

Lately I have heard a lot of hype about Powder Shampoo and of course I was curious. Powder Shampoo is a way to clean your hair without water. In theory the powder is to absorb the oil in your hair and when you brush out the powder it brushes out the dirt and oil with it. I really wanted to see if it worked right away so I read that cornstarch works just as good.
So I tried it out. Enjoy.

You Will Need:
1 Brush
1 Large Makeup Brush
1-2 Table Spoons Cornstarch
1 Small Container
Also an option: If you want a fresh scent to your shampoo
add your favorite spice or a scented body shimmer.
I used a powder shimmer from Bath & Body Works.
Add your desired amount
Step 1:
Put cornstarch on makeup brush. Shake and tap off excess cornstarch in order to keep the mess under control.
Step 2:
Locate your greasy hair area. For me it's basically where my hair touches my skin so, behind the ears and my bangs.
Step 3:
Apply the cornstarch generously directly to the greasy area with the makeup brush. Try not to put too much directly on your scalp because it is fairly hard to remove. You don't need to use the full 1-2 tablespoons. I just put two or three brush fulls on each particular area and that worked great.
It is easiest and the least messy to do one section at a time so, you will most likely repeat step 3 & 4 until you have cleaned all greasy areas.
Step 4:
Once you applied a good amount of cornstarch to your hair you are ready to brush it out. You brush your hair until it no longer looks white.
Brushing in different directions works best.
Once you completely brush out your hair, so there is no remaining powder, you are done! This method is not a replacement for regular shampoo but it is a great way to freshen up your hair in between showers. For me I have curly hair so when I take the time to style it  I wanted it to last as long as possible. Normally it only lasts a day because the Arizona heat makes my hair greasy by the end of the day. But when I used this I got an extra day out of my style before I had to wash it regularly.

Before -------------------------------- After
Another thing that I noticed is that your hair doesn't feel great to the touch but it definitely looks amazing. The Before and After pictures really show how great it works. I didn't do any styling after all I did was brush out the cornstarch and it looked just like that. Amazing!
Woo Hoo I am Gorgeous for another day!