Detroit Internationals

Tomorrow morning Noah and I along with 4 friends are going to Detroit, Michigan for an International Training Event. I am so excited! We are staying at a fantastic hotel right in downtown so we should have an amazing time. We will be there from the 10th to 13th. An International Event is a super training for everyone in the company. Mom and I went to the last one in Charlotte, NC and it was mind blowing. So I am really excited for more people in our team to get to experience something so awesome! ACN will be taking Detroit by storm with almost 25,000 reps in for the weekend. I have a huge feeling that this even is going to change our life forever. The energy is in the air. We fly out of Phoenix tomorrow at 6am to Chicago and then we should arrive in Detroit at about 4pm. So most likely I will have no time to post any blogs, but when I get back I will be sure to fill you in with all the details. Well I got to finish packing : ) Woo Hoo!