The Sexy Seven

After having a sad weekend, my husband did an amazing thing! Not only did he get my mother an awesome Mother's Day gift but he also hooked up our computer with Windows 7.

You may be asking yourself "What is Windows 7?" Well I have the answers!
Windows 7 is the latest update in the Vista line. Windows 7 features many fabulous things such as:

-Faster operating speeds regardless of hardware, as long as you can run Vista : )
-New task bar is fully customizable and has many new abilities
-Mac OSX style background slide show
-Snipping tool: Making it super easy to capture an image anywhere! (That's how I got this great picture of my new desktop)
-Shake ability: Let's say you have multiple windows up and you only want one up and the others to be minimized, just hold the one you want at the top and shake. Do it again to make them maximize.
-Invisible windows: Want to be able to see whats on your desktop in a flash or maybe hide what your shopping for (hehe) just move your mouse to the right hand corner and everything is clear.

-Too much crazy stuff for lets say your parents or spouse? Virtual XP window makes a mini version of the computer in a window that looks and acts just like XP!

For more awesomeness check out Windows 7