My Typewriter.

Finally! Finally I have a beautiful typewriter! 

I have been wanting a vintage typewriter since I was a little girl. 
The day I first saw a typewriter and realized I had to have one, I was probably about 7. I was in the Kalif Shrine office with my Nana in Wyoming do something I can't remember, but I do remember this amazing green manual typewriter sitting on one of the desks just shimmering. I wanted to touch it so badly but I knew I couldn't. 
So now I can finally touch my own and I must say it is the most perfect one of all! 

Yesterday I bought a Smith & Corona Standard typewriter on Craigslist from a writer who is moving to Texas to write and produce a TV show, so she doesn't have much room for it. The woman told me she bought it from an art director in LA who truly loved it. So this typewriter has been greatly loved. But this beauty is about to start a fantastic new chapter in its life with me! 
So, today I took it to Mesa Typewriter Repair and had a new ink ribbon put in and hopefully soon I will have it fully cleaned so her true beauty will really shine!!
I cannot wait for my creativity to explode with this amazing machine. 
Since I brought it home about an hour ago I have typed 4 pages of stuff already!!