Great Glendale

Saturday I went on an adventure to downtown Glendale and it was amazing. I went to The Bead Museum which was awesome I got some killer beads and a pair of beautiful wood earrings. I wandered around and stopped by a few antique shops, The Astrology Store, this gorgeous glass shop and the Pink House.

It was really refreshing to just spend time alone out and about. I had a ton of inspiring thoughts, especially in the Pink House. I thought that the design and set of the shop was gorgeous, although some of the handmade products weren't top quality. It's really interesting how certain small details go ignored, and how some people don't see the importance of detail. I felt like some of the products were unfinished and cheap just because of little unfinished things. But overall, it was inspiring and made me feel better about my own creations. Amazingly enough going to the Pink House really reiterated my urge to have my own shop selling fantastic handmade beauties at a fair price.

So it was defiantly an eye-opening Saturday and I am really glad I took Andrea's advice and went to Glendale. I am really excited to venture out to some other places on my list here in the valley.

Also The Bead Museum is the only museum for beads in the nation and is going out of business unless they earn 100,000 dollars in the next couple of weeks. Please go visit the museum, buy some beads or make a donation. Check out there website at

Take a journey to Downtown Glendale I guarantee you won't be disappointed.