Calamari Eww!

The other night my mom and I went to a killer Italian restaurant called Uncle Sam's in Scottsdale. And my mom ordered this calamari pasta dish and it sound so delicious. She got it, it was bomb and she was munching away. Then she took a bite and said, "What was that?" The texture was all weird but it tasted like calamari. When she started fishing through her pasta she saw all the little squid in there and was totally grossed out she couldn't eat anymore. Mom and I decided to play a trick on Noah and tell him we picked him up dinner and give him the pasta with calamari. Lol. So we gave it to him and he loved it and was grossed out at the same time. He ate 4 of them, eww! I had to take a picture of him eating it, it's so funny!! That's my husband!!