10 Websites Maximum PC Checks Every Day

I am patiently wait for the autoplex repair shop to open so I can get a tire rotation and brake inspection. But while I am waiting I am uploading my iTunes backup disc back onto the computer. I am only on disc two hopefully I will be done soon and all my music will be restored (4 discs. Had a virus so I had to reinstall my operating system). Last night Noah and I were looking at his new Maximum PC magazine and there was this interesting article on there Top Ten Websites They Visit Every Day and I thought I would share.

Top Ten Websites We Check Every Day 
by: Maximum PC Magazine March 2009

the latest in public-figure bad behavior
fulfilling all your hardware needs
discovering new music
the morning paper for nerds
massive database of tutorials
paying for tv is for suckers
virtual tours of the most popular hotspots
a monkey with a simple dream
image bookmarking site to keep track of your fav. images
we're not just employees, we're also clients

(My backup is done!! All my playlists, videos, apps, ratings and music are back! Oh ya!)